Monday, February 6, 2012

Fabric Yo Yo's

My Mama introduced me to this craft.
When I was little she used to dress our christmas tree 
with her hand made yo yo garland made from different colors of gingham fabric.
I remember that, and those aluminum icicles that were a flat sheet of metal 
twisted around and hung by a string. When you would put your hand under them and
gently lift them, they twirled back and forth for a bit- I was mesmerized!  
She has recently gotten back into this craft and started stitching them together
 to make doilies out of em.
This one, below,  is available in my shop- 
the rest she's selling in her shop at an antique mall
 to add a little handmade goodness to her vintage goods :D

Here's what else folks are doing with these cool little fabric flowers

Crafty, eh?
Ok, time to buckle down and go take my last online exam for this semester!
Final is tomorrow and one semester left!!! WHEW!
Happy Monday,


Teeny said...

Hi Nicky, I love these face I've been making little girl necklaces out of them for our school Art and Craft Exhibition! i love em.

anne said...

these seem like they would be very addicting to make! also a great way to use little scraps of cute fabric. as if i need more reasons to keep stuff! i can hear myself now, "wait! don't throw that away! i can make a yo yo out of it!" hahaha!

Milla said...

oh I see! Now, I might be alone on this one, but those would make one fancy west...

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